Seeking Bass Player

Seeking Bass Player

Message from Lady Arsenic

Baby Arsenic - Fey

Attention Ladies and Gents, come November 8th we will welcome to the world Baby Arsenic - Feylyn. Through the dark forces of necromancy, and love beyond death, William Skull and I are proud to share with you our little voodoo doll.

Arsenic Addiction will continue to play shows until August 17th, so come and see us before our end of year break and celebrate this little gift to metal.

-- Lady Arsenic

Upcoming Shows

Ladies and Gentlemen.

As you can see, we have put up some new decorations here at the Arsenic Site to celebrate the recent release of our latest album Echoes of Mourning (Communion with the Damned). There are a few other changes as well, and some upcoming events that we are simply ecstatic to announce.

Firstly, we have two excellent shows coming up that we are very proud to be a part of. In February, we will have the honor of sharing the stage with Stolen Babies, Firewind and the mighty Turisas. In March, we will aid the musical priests of NILE in their summoning of Gods most ancient and foul. Further information on both of these events can be find on our Shows page.

A reminder, friends. Our albums are available both here and on Itunes. We will be adding new Merchandise to the site soon, so be sure to keep on the lookout for Arsenic Gear that was previously only available at our live shows.

We will also be updating our press photography in the near future. So keep an sharp eye out, and dont lose your head.

Sincerely yours
-- Arsenic Addiction

Echoes of Mourning CD Release

Our Dearest Addicts

The last few months have been terribly busy in the manor. With sheets of music stacking one on the other and ink spilling onto the floor... into our drinks, and staining Lady Arsenic's bloomers.

We have heard your cries for new music, and the work is upon the cusp of completion. On the 22nd of December, we will be unveiling the new album Echoes of Mourning (Communion with the Damned) and we are very excited indeed. For all of you who are in the neighborhod, we invite you to join us for an evening of gore, beverages, and music which you have yet to discover.

Taste of Brewtality Tour, 2012

Excellent news Dear Addicts.

The dates for A Taste of Brewtality Tour have been finalized. Kicking off the tour on Septermber the 21st, we will be passing through Montana, Washington, Oregon and Idaho; so tell your friends, tell your family, and be sure to dress your finest for the festivities ahead.

Consider this your invitation to see how delicious a poison can be, and how lovely blood looks by moonlight.

We'll see you there.

Arsenic Addiction


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