professor"D" Warren (later to be known as "The Professor") was born in Bromley, England, in 1855. Living most of his life behind closed doors, being shown the tools of the trade by his Father Dr. L aka Dr. Hell, and his mother Elizabeth, The Professor excelled in chemistry, science, religion, and human anatomy. By the age of 11, The Professor could be seen passing the windows of his Father's lab with a charred lab coat and singed hair still smoking. Some say he was brilliant in his own way, following in the footsteps of his father while others say he was dark and sinister, accusing him of practicing black magic.

At the age of 18, "D" became the youngest professor to teach at the prestigious University of London. His teachings would harbor some of the greatest minds that still flourish today. Some students of The Professor would claim his teachings to be applicable and advanced while others would find it inconclusive and controversial. At the age of 22, The Professor would lose his mother to accusations of witchery and witness her murder in 1877. Soon after, he would watch his father fall into madness tormented by the death of his beloved Elizabeth.

The Professor would go on to teach at the University for 3 more years until it was discovered that his teachings went outside the guidelines of the University's approved curriculum. This however did not stop him from continuing his research behind closed doors, which became unclear as to what the Professor was experimenting on or with. Months would pass by without any sign of The Professor, with the exception of the occasional sighting of him passing by a window in his lab with clip board in hand and smoking lab coat. The Professor and his public absence would come to an end in the fall of 1883 as he was seen entering a butcher shop with slightly burnt hair and lab coat.

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