plagueBorn in 1648 Plague grew up in Folkstone, England. A rural and small town part of the English countryside, plague grew up alone and kept himself busy by reading his Father's various books on medicine, science, and nature. Plague's history truly begins in 1665, the great plague of London or the "Black plague". Having grown up reading his Father's medical and history books of old, Plague volunteered himself as a doctor during London's greatest epidemic.

Sewing himself a leather mask in the shape of a bird and black robes like the plague doctors of medieval times, plague left his small town to tend to the plague's victims. Helping the sick as much as he could, the disease took more lives then he could save.

A year later the great fire of London broke out consuming the city. Plague has never admitted to starting this now infamous tragedy but suspicions arouse when Plague alerted Lord Mayor of London, Sir Thomas Bloodworth to it's spreading personally. "Lord Mayor Bloodsworth, you watched your people decay in the streets without blinking an eye, you did nothing to comfort their families, and as the streets run with blood it's wicked consume your city and you turn your head. The fire will purify it's people if you will not, and I suggest you take care of your duty sir, put an end to this hell on earth."

"A woman might piss it out" replied the Mayor. He then returned to his bed chambers and went back to sleep as London burned. Plague with his many years of life has grown silent, he perches himself on the roof from dusk to dawn like a raven. On the few occasions that Plague has spoken of his past, he is best quoted by this simple statement. "I have grown tired with the world and its people."

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