Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Arsenic Addiction was formed in 2006. With powerful, explosive beats, menacing and melodic strings, soaring vocals and demonic howls, Arsenic Addiction injects something unique into today's metal scene. An ARSENIC ADDICTION is when a person is addicted to something deadly having full knowledge of the consequences.

The band Arsenic Addiction is dedicated to the dead as opposed to the living and merges the funereal with Metal - aiming to awaken the darker side in each of us and to evoke the spirit of times past. Arsenic Addiction released their first EP, "Requiem of the Fallen" in 2009 and received extensive radio play and features in local media. They then toured widely in Utah and neighbouring States, sharing the stage with bands such as The Birthday Massacre, Dommin, Flaw and KREEP.

The band's second release, "An Undertaker's Lament", followed in August 2010, with the trademark Arsenic Addiction mourning metal lyrical and musical story telling and Gothic Victorian attire."Music resembles life," they say, "and such as life, no one influence shapes who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow. Music is the life we wish to lead, and besides, it's become nearly impossible for us to function in society outside of a band."

To open 2011, Arsenic Addiction celebrates signing with Artist Development and Management Firm, The Inner Light Agency – and Agent, Bruce Swink. "Arsenic Addiction is an awesome, original band," says Bruce. "Together, Arsenic Addiction and iLA are set to break a lot of ground." "The most important thing about these songs," according to Bryer Wharton from SLUG MAGAZINE, "is they're all backed with real emotion because in the end, who really wants to listen to a band pretend to be angry and sorrowful when you can get the real deal. "This leaves us with only one question. "Have you had your daily dose of Arsenic?"

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