ripperIt is uncertain of where Ripper was born, or how old he truly is, but we are lead to believe he was born to a wealthy and upper-class family due to not only his education and knowledge of medical science, but his snobbish and egotistical demeanor. Upon asking Ripper regarding his past he only replied "I have fond memories of Buck's Row Street, Whitechapel, England, 1888. It is where my life truly began." This statement followed by a nefarious and confident grin. What we do know of Ripper was learned when he first encountered our Lady Arsenic.

Going about his nightly prowl in front of the White Chapel butcher shop, Ripper's attention was captivated by the smell of tea and flowers. An unfamiliar smell to not only the butcher shop, but to the White Chapel streets, Ripper turned to see the kind of lively spirit that he often craved leaving the butcher shop.  "The perfect date", he thought, "Now just to introduce myself." Ripper followed the young woman closely until finally a window of opportunity presented itself. The young woman tripped falling backwards and Ripper found himself close enough to catch her. "That would have been quite the nasty fall my dear, you should be more careful." Freeing herself from his arms abruptly she replied out of breath "Thank you sir, I can't tell you how grateful I am." "You look dreadfully pale dear, perhaps you should rest a moment." he said while gently taking hold of her hand.  "Perhaps" she said jerking her hand away, "I am always pale dear sir, but it has been a long day and I am quite fatigued."

Ripper could not believe his luck as his chosen beauty turned down a dark alley way to take her rest. He watched eagerly as she ventured deeper through the unlit passage and within a moments walk sat herself upon a moonlit crate. "I need not your company to rest sir, though a kind gesture it may be. I am certain you had business you were attending to before rescuing Me." she said sternly as she gazed upon the night sky.  Ripper, moving closer to the lady and the crate while reaching in his coat pocket, revealed a rose the color of red velvet cloaked in shadow.  "For you my dear, a black magic rose, for the black magic lady, such a spell you have placed on me." "Do you always carry gifts of such finery while walking the streets of White Chapel Sir? Either I am lucky girl or you a planned gentleman." she said while ignoring the rose and hint of sarcasm in her voice. 

Ripper not known for his patience or his grace for accepting refusal grew tired of the woman's disinterest. "What is your name dear girl and right to accuse me of such a shameless plot?" The woman smiled wildly and without straying her eyes from the moon replied "Lady Arsenic, pleasure to meet you…dear." Without thought and all tolerance lost, Ripper reached in his same pocket only this time revealing a physicians scalpel. Before he could act and the scalpel's hunger was met, out of the darkness of the alley way stepped a tall and very thin creature wearing a plague doctor's coat and mask. Startled but only a moment, Ripper placed the scalpel back in his pocket, cutting the threads. His gentlemen exterior lost as he realized the damage inflicted to his coat, regardless of the self infliction. "You bloody tosser!  Does this bint belong to you? The plague is over you prat, or do you wear that medieval bit of garbage to protect yourself from this disease infested trollop?"  Ripper fled, screaming nonsense into the night and disappeared. He's followed Lady Arsenic ever since, always waiting for his opportunity to finish what he started all those years ago.

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