album released in August 2010, they would like to introduce to Europe. Come to discover this goth U.S ...

"Invocation" opens the dance macabre Aresenic Addiction, heavy and dark as well as being deep and melodic, a nice intro gothic, time to set the mood. We enter the heart of the matter with "Lady Death" and discover the captivating and powerful voice of the singer. I am torn on this album, so I'll clarify what I liked and what I necessarily less convinced ...

"Dearly Beloved" leaves more room for female vocals on this album or two alternating voices, that of Lady and the Arsenic Butcher (vocals black male), which I find amusing because I have a preference for the singer brings something different. The album has a dark atmosphere, the vocals are screamed perfectly executed, resulting in a black dimension. The songs are dark, but do not forget to be deep and catchy, "Scream Of The Banshee" is an example, the singer has a real vocal presence here. A note also a very nice visual and a group that knows how to develop through their sites, it has beautiful pictures, a bio pretty well informed and you can listen to all songs in the album. This is significant for a group that wants to be known to the European public, and in this case French, via the Interne

Unfortunately, we find, to my taste, repetitions in the structures of the songs and vocal lines black, which may eventually have a tendency to drop out. The female vocals in my opinion is not enough now, it operates more like a heart or a chorus and is too encroached by the vocals shouted, prompting the question of whether it is a group of melodic goth metal rather or rather black ... Also note that some transitions are a bit clumsy and lack of fluidity, as in "Narcissus". I hold in my hand a lack of originality in the sense that it's hard to remember a specific musical element to the group except the voice of the singer.

So I discovered this album through the group of Salt Lake City and I was convinced by the voice of the singer even though musically I'm not upset, I must still admit that it's still very worthy of melodic goth.

-- Miss S.

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