and check out two promising American bands that we would normally never get the chance to experience unless they opened for a bigger act.

The show was a the infamous Filling Station, a local watering hole that while it has it's own ‘personality' the place is very shitty in our opinion. So we made our way out of our dark cave in Bozeman, and arrived at the venue a few hours before the show so we could sneak an interview with Arsenic Addiction (Click HERE to listen to our 40 minute long interview).

After the interview we made our way back into the venue to enjoy some tasty beverages before the show started. While Bozeman, MT is not a place known for having many Metal heads (or at least real Metal heads, not that Emo / Metalcore kiddies), the crowd at the filling station was up to par with the other Metal shows we have seen in this place.

Arsenic Addiction took the stage around 10 pm or so and with their full stage setup and costumes. We particularly like when bands go out of their way into bringing their ‘music' persona to life by wearing costumes or similar things. For us this is very essential in bands, and the American bands we have seen over the years do not bother to do this.

Wearing Victorian-inspired costumes the band quickly starts making a strong impression with a very solid execution of their "Requiem Of The Fallen" EP songs. The band now features keyboards but their use was minimal since Lady Arsenic focuses more on vocal duties. If you never heard of this band, you might be interested in finding out that her female vocalist actually does both the harsh and clean vocals. The harsh vocals are very brutal and sound more impressive in person, since you would never image that those hellish sounds come from such a small person.

Going over their EP songs and a few new songs, the band incorporates a bit of a stage show during, and in-between their songs (see our second clip from this show). Musically, the band does a great job in playing their songs and actually sounding like the band that went to the studio (unlike other bands). The stage show is just the extra icing on the cake for this young and promising band.

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