making the Arsenic Addiction live experience as enthralling as possible. Keyboardist/vocalist Haley Grow talks about where the band draws its inspiration from, where you can see them play locally, and how they make funerals cool.

Who are the members of Arsenic Addiction?

Haley Grow/Lady Arsenic/Vox & Keys

James Donahue/Ripper/Lead Guitar

Scott Boel/Plague/Guitar

Andrew McComas/Butcher/Bass & Backing Vox

Dave Warren/The Professor/Drums

How long has Arsenic Addiction been making music?

Arsenic Addiction has been making music since 2006, but with many line-up changes, influences, and musical directions since.

How would you describe your music?

Funeral Metal, bringing an air of elegance to the genre, and in a constant state of mourning. Our music is dedicated to the dead from the living.

Metal tends to dwell on the darker side of things, as it is well known for evil, aggression and death. We embrace this as much as any other metal band does, but we try to bring a more refined and sorrowful/eerie sound to the genre, since death is as frightening as it is beautiful.

What about Arsenic Addiction makes it worth checking out?

Tea, Gentlemen's Duals, & Victorian Mourning attire. We give you a story to watch and connect with the music. If you aren't entertained by our music, you'll at least have an interesting time watching it. Our music is also backed by real emotion, and every song executed with conviction. "After all, who wants to listen and watch a band pretend to be angry, when you can get the real deal."

How does Arsenic Addiction differ from other bands in Salt Lake?

We feel it's sort of cliché to say that we are completely original. We aren't doing anything new but we are doing things that people aren't doing a lot of anymore. Few and far between are the bands with a full stage production, but to be fair these things cost money and even more of your time on top of the time spent on the music. Our stage show is small, but we do what we can afford now, and hope it will grow and be more elaborate as we grow. As previously stated, we want to give people something to visually connect to, to "see" the music.

Arsenic Addiction seems to incorporate a lot of art and fashion into the look of the band. What sort of style are you looking to represent and how would you describe this style to those who may not be familiar with the band?

Because our music has been described as "Funeralistic" we decided to embrace this visually as well. Victorian Funerals were quite the event, and living or dead, you were expected to look your best. This gave birth to Victorian Mourning attire. As every band does, we hope one day our shows will be "the event" to attend, and would be thrilled if everyone dressed for the occasion. If you are familiar with the 1800s, you may also recall that "Arsenic Poisoning" was at its prime. Arsenic was not only used for medicinal purposes, but the chosen weapon for Victorian Homicide.

What other projects are you guys working on?

Lady Arsenic & Tickety Bob Boutique. This is Arsenic Addiction's source of income for the band. We realized that we wanted our merchandise to be as personal and different as our music. We also needed the band to be self-sustaining, because let's face it, as much as we want to play music for a living, we still have day jobs and bills to pay. Reality is a cruel mistress. Lady Arsenic & Tickety Bob Boutique sells mini burlesque top hats, funeral barrettes, jewelry, Arsenic Addiction T-Shirts, many other strange Victorian accessories and soon clothing. On a musical note, a few of the members are working on an acoustic project, but for the same cause of funding Arsenic Addiction on tour, coffee houses, and bars, oh yes.

What sort of successes have your musical endeavors led you to?

Most big opportunities you have to work hard and run for them, they hardly land in your lap. We've shared the stage with The Birthday Massacre and FLAW & KREEP. We've also managed to receive recognition and review in SLUG Magazine, an album and concert review on webzine "Infernal Masquerade," as well as regular play on local radio show KAOS with Darby on 94.9 ZRock.

Do you have any albums out?

We have several, but only two are available for sale or we should say we will have two. "Requiem of the Fallen" -- 2009 which is available on iTunes, and our CD release show for our new album "An Undertaker's Lament" is set for August 27 at the Abyss Rock 'n' Roll Sports Bar. "An Undertaker's Lament" will be Arsenic Addiction's first full-length album.

What do you have coming up?

You can check our MySpace and Facebook for all upcoming events and shows, but you definitely won't want to miss our "Undertaker's Lament" CD Release show, August 27 at the Abyss. This show will be featuring over 45 minutes of our music, and a bigger and badder stage show. We also have Project Independent October 9 at the Abyss, a showcase that with enough votes can help us be on our way!

What do you see for the future of Arsenic Addiction?

We'd love to be signed of course, but signed or not, we're hoping to go on a west coast tour next summer. We need to acquire a bus first. So if you're selling a school bus at a musician's price please give us a message or call. We're also going to be playing as many shows as we can get our hands on, sending our album to underground metal stations, record labels, and anyone who'd be willing to give us a listen. We're hoping in the future that if you haven't heard Arsenic Addiction, you've at least heard OF us.

Where can locals see Arsenic Addiction live?

We play Club Vegas the most, but also do shows at Abyss Rock 'n' Roll sports bar, Kamikaze's in Ogden, The Icon in Pocatello, Idaho, and The Warehouse in Clearfield. We will have some upcoming shows at In the Venue, Bar Deluxe, The Avalon and Murray Theatre. If you have any suggestions or want to see us somewhere, please contact us!

How would you describe a live show?

An interactive Funeral Mass, with an after service tea time and Victorian Pornography. This is one thing I guess you'd have to come experience for yourself. Do join us for tea won't you?

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