Lady Death Video Review

Arsenic Addiction is one of SLC’s favorite underground bands, with their combination of gothic, Victorian and metal, they bring a unique and theatrically dark side to SLC’s underground scene. The recent release of their first music video ‘Lady Death’ off their most recent album, ‘An Undertakers Lament’, is but a stepping stone for this amazing band as they addict the world one fan at a time.

It begins with an innocent tea party but quickly cumulates into a salacious need for death.

From the river-side death of beauty with Plague, Ripper’s seductive stalking of an innocent, the impassioned massacre of virtue by Butcher, and a dance of death between a maiden and the Professor, this video shows the more extreme theatrical side to the band, which is a continuation of their theatrical stage presence. Lady Arsenic tops it off with an innocent morning cup of tea with a damsel that evolves into a bloody cleansing.

With each death the essence of the young women is absorbed... thier hunger, pain, and suffering merging with each young lady's reaper while delivering a serenity unto them. 'Lady Death' culminates with a tea party from hell that every 'addict' wishes they could attend.

The video is as disturbing as it is erotic and delivers serenity in a divinely creepy yet inspiring way. ‘Lady Death’ is an astounding compilation of music and lyrics that showcase Arsenic  Addiction’s talent and creativity. From beginning to end, it is captivating and will appeal to the dark side in all of us…

-- Shannon Gibbs

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